Peace is not merely the absence of war

The peace movement has had considerable impact on our cultural development, our identity and our perceived identity abroad as New Zealanders: from the early peaceful protests of Te Whiti and Tohu, to VAANA, to our present environment.

‘Peace is not merely the absence of war’ is the title for an installation that will take over the Outerspace gallery, as part of the Cultural Mapping Project exhibition in August 2012. The installation is a celebration of the past 25 years as a nuclear free country (a landmark worth celebrating!) and the many contributing individuals and events from the past that have helped us to reach this anniversary and to define Aotearoa New Zealand as a peaceful nation.

We would like to include your input in the installation. Is there something you would like to say about a particular aspect of the movement? Do you have any ephemera that you would like to loan for the exhibition?

Please drop into The Depot or email to contribute to the peace map and to find out more about The Cultural Mapping Project.


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  1. […] phrases do you associate with peace? What does peace mean to you?”, as an introduction to the Peace map which is being developed for the cultural mapping exhibition ‘Sum of the […]

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