Submission Call-Out for Urban-Rural: The Great Divide

The theme for the upcoming issue of The Vernacularist is Urban-Rural: The Great Divide?. It cannot be denied that the functions, intentions and structures of rural/urban communities and economies have undergone huge change. With this issue of The Vernacularist we strive to explore in-depth the issues both cities and non-urban communities face, and the culture, values, landscape and creativity that now exist as a result. For Depot Press, it is important the content (which can be presented in a variety of mediums) moves beyond a simplified ‘us and them’ portrayal that is typically seen in conventional media. Nobody is well served by stereotyping, and it does not reflect our contemporary community landscape. By offering Vernacularist readers and contributors a different avenue to examine this ‘divide’, we are finding ways to support and connect those who seek a meaningful life regardless of location.

For the full submission requirements, please visit the Current Submission Call-Outs page.Call Out Vernacularist Urban Rural Poster LR

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