The Making of The Great Divide

We’re putting together a special edition of The Vernacularist themed Urban-Rural: The Great Divide? And it’s wonderful to be back, five years after I worked here last. The Depot is just as I left off – an open and welcoming place.

Our present task is getting stuck into sourcing and assembling the pieces. Creating a good, balanced publication is all about the journey – the conversations, the exploration. It’s interesting to note what often crops up whilst talking to people is based around a sense of place, and how different landscapes resonate. Stereotypes are still touchstones – NZ has long been defined by its rural culture. However the urban culture is now a huge part of the modern identity, and we are still finding ways to reconcile the two.

I’m enjoying these interactions, the research – discovering what is happening around the country. The submissions we are receiving already represent a broad range of ideas and perspectives. It’s fantastic to see this, and the ideas expressed are both timely and timeless.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress!

Louise Evans
Editor – Urban-Rural: The Great Divide?

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