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PARTICIPATE: Urban-Rural Survey

We’re on the hunt for memories, stories and opinions, about how landscape and where we reside affects our outlook on life. Therefore, we’ve put put together this survey to gather some little standalone snapshots/quotes about the urban-rural divide. The hope is that these can be compiled, or scattered throughout the upcoming Vernacularist publication, to mix […]

The Making of The Great Divide

We’re putting together a special edition of The Vernacularist themed Urban-Rural: The Great Divide? And it’s wonderful to be back, five years after I worked here last. The Depot is just as I left off – an open and welcoming place. Our present task is getting stuck into sourcing and assembling the pieces. Creating a good, balanced publication is all […]

Submission Call-Out for Urban-Rural: The Great Divide

The theme for the upcoming issue of The Vernacularist is Urban-Rural: The Great Divide?. It cannot be denied that the functions, intentions and structures of rural/urban communities and economies have undergone huge change. With this issue of The Vernacularist we strive to explore in-depth the issues both cities and non-urban communities face, and the culture, […]

Bruce Cathie: A neglected New Zealand Cultural Icon

The month has slipped by with hardly a public whisper of Bruce Cathie’s passing. Just a short online article and family notice in the New Zealand Herald on June 3rd that Bruce Leonard Cathie, retired pilot (NAC, Air New Zealand) and author, was now “free to explore the universe in ways you always dreamed.” Bruce […]

Just The Ticket #2!

After a piece in the NZ Herald (June 15th) which followed up on the MoV posting “Just the Ticket”, regarding the 1981 Springbok Tour protests, we received some interesting responses which indicated that this event is seriously imbedded in New Zealand’s vernacular history, and is a definitive comment on our perception of national identity. Here […]